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French glitter nails


French glitter nails

In this video, you’ll learn how to create a beautiful french glitter manicure. The tutorial will be shown with acrylics but this would look beautiful with regular nail polish as well.

In the video, there’s mentioned that if you work with glitter acrylics, to be careful. Make sure you are not touching the nail bed that often so that your manicure will stay neat. Don’t apply any pink acrylic over the glitters, make sure to use clear acrylics so that the glitter will stay sparkley and not duff.

Using regular nail polish? Use a french pink manicure nail polish for the nail bed as a base and grab any glitter nail polish you want for the tips. Is your glitter nail polish no very opaque? Use a nail polish color close to the glitter color as your base and apply a second layer using the glitter nail polish.

These look awesome when almond shaped but this would look beautiful with any kind of nail shape you have!

bron of creator

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